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Monitor the status and location of your high-value assets with our state-of-the-art asset tracking software.

Designed and built specifically for tracking your high-value equipment, trucks and other assets,the Delivery
Suite Asset Tracking solution protects your business against unforeseen losses,lower insurance costs, and helps
you run your organization with confidence.


Optimize asset utilization
Knowing the real-time location of your assets will help you utilize them in the most efficient manner and reduce unecessary wear and tear.

Receive up to the minute sensory data
A wide array of sensors will give you real-time data related to the status of your assets.

Reduce costs associated with stolen or lost assets
If your assets are stolen or lost, knowing their real-time location will help you recovering it faster and decrease the costs associated in locating assets.

Reduce loss or damage of goods in transit
By monitoring important variables such as temperature, or door opening you can protect the integrity of your cargo while it is in transit and avoid losses due to theft.